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Sports Round 5

1. During Sir Alex Ferguson’s illustrious career as Manchester United manager, he won 38 titles. For how long did he manage the Red Devils?


26 years

2. Put these three countries in order (from most to fewest) of how many times they have hosted the Summer Olympic Games…. United Kingdom, Greece & United States


United States (4), United Kingdom (3), Greece (2)

3. The Web Ellis Cup is awarded to the winner of which sporting event?


The winner of the Rugby Union World Cup

4. What gift was given to Ivo Bligh, at Rupertswood mansion in Sunbury, Australia after a cricket match in 1882?


The original ashes trophy

5. Who’s scored more career NBA points? Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan?


Bryant (33,643) – Jordan has scored 32,292

6. As of 2017, who is Great Britain’s most successful female Olympian?


Katherine Grainger (5 rowing medals)

7. As of 2017, Which of the Venus sisters has won more Grand Slam titles? Venus or Serena?


Serena (23), Venus (7)

8. As at the end of 2017, who was acknowledged as the best golfer in the PGA standings?

Dustin Johnson

9. What nationality was F1 driver Alain Prost?


10. Who was the first British winner of the Tour De France?​

Bradley Wiggins (2012)