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Sports Round 4

1. There’s a famous link between Notts County and Italian giants Juventus. Can you tell me what that link is?

They famously share a black and white kit (Notts County supplied their first kits)

2. In the 20th Century, how many times were the Summer Olympic Games cancelled?


Three (1916 in Berlin, 1940 in Helsinki, and 1944 in London)


3. Who is the all-time leading points scorer for the England International Rugby Union team?


Jonny Wilkinson (1179 points)


4. Who’s the highest English test cricket wicket taker of all time?


James Anderson (523)

5. Which team have won the most Major League Baseball World Series?


New York Yankees (27)


6. The 2020, 2024, and 2028 Olympics are due to be held in which cities? Name 2 out of 3 for the point…


Tokyo 2020, Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028


7. As of 2017, Who’s won more Grand Slam titles? Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal?


Federer (19), Nadal (16)

8. Colloquially, a ‘Ken Livingston’ in golf refers to a shot when what happens?


It goes miles left

9. Which driver holds the record for the most Driver Championships?


Michael Schumacher (7)

10. What was darts player, Phil Taylor’s nickname?


The Power