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Sports Round 2

1. Who is the all-time leading Premier League goal scorer with 260 goals?


Alan Shearer


2. There are five coloured Olympic Rings. Name the colours


Blue, Yellow, Black, Green & Red


3. As of 2017, who has won the most Rugby Union Premiership titles?


Leicester Tigers (10 Championship Wins)


4. Since beginning in 1882, which country has won the Ashes Series more times?


Australia 33 (England 32 with 5 drawn series)


5. Which American Footballer started a movement in 2016 by taking the knee for the American National Anthem, starting widespread debate including condemnation from President Donald Trump?


Colin Kaepernick


6. How many times has Usain Bolt broken a world record?


5 times – (He’s broken the 100m world record 3 times, and the 200m record twice)


7. Since the beginning of the open era in 1968, only 3 British people have won a singles title, who are they?


Ann Jones (1969), Virginia Wade (1977) & Andy Murray (2013 & 2016)


8. Since the Ryder Cup team became Europe rather than Great Britain in 1979, which team has won the competition more?


Europe (10 wins), USA (8 wins)


9. Which Brazilian holds the record for the most race starts?


Rubens Barrichello


10. Which famous British thoroughbred racehorse completed an unbeaten 14 race career; being considered the highest-rated racehorse in the world in May 2011?