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Sports Round 10

1. Which player holds the record for the quickest Premier League hat trick at just two minutes and 56 seconds?

Saido Mane

2. Out of the swimming pool, which British Paralympian is the most decorated of all?


Tanni-Grey Thompson (16 medals) – only beaten by Mike Kenny (18 medals) and Sarah Storey (25 medals)

3. Who are the reigning 15-a-side Rugby Union Olympic Champions?

United States of America (15-a-side Rugby Union was discontinued in the Olympics in 1924)

4. What is the current 2017 record for the number of consecutive wickets taken (i.e. 4 wickets off 4 balls, 5 wickets off 5 balls etc.)

9 wickets (Both in Smithfield Vs Aliwal North and Marlborough College Vs. Bhally School)

5. Generally the National Hockey League runs from which month, until early April?



6. Oksana Chusovitina became the oldest woman to ever compete in the Summer Olympic Games (41). For which country does she represent?


7. Since the ATP rankings were brought into effect in 1973, Mark Edmondson was the lowest ranked player to have won a Grand Slam event. What was his rank? A) 76th B) 142nd, C) 212th

C) 212th

8. What colour is associated with ladies’ golf tee off spaces?


9. Which company supplied the tyres during the 2017 championship?


10. The World Snooker Championship is hosted at which UK venue?

The Crucible Theatre