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Sports Round 1

1. The 9th February was a big day in footballing history when Nottingham Forest clinched the signing of Trevor Francis from Birmingham City. What made this transfer special?

2. Usain Bolt holds the world record for the 100m sprint. To the nearest tenth of a second, what was that record? (Clue, it’s between 9 and 10 seconds!)


3. Who was England manager at the time of the 2003 England Rugby World Cup win?


4. Which former cricket international, famously referred to as ‘Bumble’, also shares his name with a chain of Health and Fitness gyms?


5. As of 2017, which team has had the most Super Bowl appearances?


6. Who was the first British Olympian to reach a tally of 6 gold medals?


7. The French Open is held where each year?


8. The Green Jacket is the prize for winning which golf tournament?

9. F1 is governed by the FIA. But what does FIA stand for?

10. The statue of Red Rum stands at which racecourse?


In which year did Red Rum win the first Grand National?



1) First British million pound footballer (transfer fee)

2) 9.6 seconds

3) Sir Clive Woodward

4) David Lloyd

5) New England Patriots

6) Chris Hoy

7) Roland-Garros (Paris)

8) The Masters

9) Federation Internationale de L’Automobile

10) Aintree

Bonus) 1973