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Quiz of 2017

Round 4 - Numbers & Letters

1. Can you tell me what moment from 2017 these letters are associated with: BUIDINGACNTRYTHAORKSORRYON?

Letters left on wall after Tory party conference

2. 318, 262, 35, 12, 10, 13

Results of the 2017 general election per party

3. What about 1.5 million?

Trump inauguration – Obama was 1.8 million

4. C-O-V-F-E-F-E

Donald Trump meaningless tweet – Urban Dictionary defined it as “Russian word that translates literally as ‘I quit’ or ‘I resign’” (“Despite the constant negative press, covfefe.”)

5. 23 missiles, 16 tests

North Korean missile tests

6. 8 countries, 1 racist

Donald Trump’s travel ban

7. 13 men, 1 woman

First female incarnation of Doctor Who

8. 19-3-17, $170 million

Release date of Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast and the amount in ticket sales

9. 1 man, 1 fish, 100 metres

Michael Phelps races Great White Shark

10. 4.6 billion

Despacito becomes most viewed video on YouTube – the first to pass 3 billion

BONUS – As of 18:25 on 9/1/18, how many tweets has Donald

Trump made since becoming President of the United States?


This round is best conducted with the accompanying slideshow which includes visual clues and all the numbers and letters for each question to make things easier for both quiz master and quizzers.