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Quiz of 2017

Round 2 - Sport & Politics

1. During a calamitous Conservative Party conference in 2017, three things went wrong for Theresa May…what were they?


Letters falling off wall, coughing and received P45

2. Celebrating an increased majority on election night with shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry, Jeremy Corbyn went for a high five and spectacularly failed. What happened?

He high-fived her boob

3. Which numbered Article was invoked on 29th March 2017, beginning the process of leaving the EU?


4. A Twitter employee utilised their last day to great effect by deleting who’s account?

Real Donald Trump

5. On the same topic, Donald Trump became embroiled in a little spat with North Korea during 2017. The President and North Korean leader exchanged plentiful insults throughout the year but can you name one of the three things Trump directly called Kim Jong Un?

“A Madman”, “Little Rocket Man”, “Short and Fat”

6. Who won the Grand National this year? Was it A) Cause of Causes B) One for Arthur or C) Saint Are

One for Arthur

7. As with all years, there were four grand slam Tennis events in 2017, can you name the winners of the Australian Open, US Open, French Open, and Wimbledon? We’ll give a point for each.

Nadal (French Open and US Open), Federer (Wimbledon and

Australian Open)

8. Paris Saint Germain (PSG) broke the World Record transfer fee for a player last year at €200m. Who did they buy?


9. The Invictus Games took place last year where we first saw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle together. In which city were the games held this year?

Toronto, Canada

10. Which English player has scored the most goals in 2017 (calendar year) of any player in the World’s top divisions?

Harry Kane (56 goals for club and country)

BONUS – How much did the Grand National winner pocket in prize money?