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Quiz of 2017

Round 1 - Blooper Moments

1. A BBC interview with Professor Robert Kelly was brought to prominence during 2017, when what happened whilst live on TV?

Kids ran into the room

2. On this year’s I’m a Celebrity, who inadvertently admitted to not knowing whether there had been a female prime minister before?

Amir Khan

3. The Academy Award for Best Picture is a big deal in po-faced Hollywood, which made it all the funnier when it descended into a total Fiasco when Warren Beatty announced which film as the winner, rather than Moonlight which had in fact won.

La La Land

4. This Morning host Amanda Holden was left red-faced when interviewing astronaut Tim Peake about his time in space. What was it that she asked him?

If he’d brought back a piece of Moon Rock (He didn’t go to the moon!)

5. Who fell down a hole in the stage when presenting an award at the Radio 1 Teen Awards?

Gemma Collins

6. Michael Gove had a shocker when saying an interview with who was like going into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom… you just pray you leave with your dignity intact?

John Humphrys

7. When interviewing John Boyega about the new Star Wars film, Holly Willoughby accidentally did what?

Gave away the plot away

8. What phallic-shaped item on the Great British Bake Off this year, left Paul Hollywood in fits of giggles?

Bread shaped like a snail

9. Wayne Shaw faced a severe backlash after what happened in the game between Sutton United and Arsenal

He ate a pie on the bench

10. In a hilarious episode of Pointless, a contestant was left distraught after her peer gave what answer to the question “Name a country ending with two consonants”?


BONUS - How long did Tim Peake spend in space?

6 months