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1. True or false, Britain eats 2 million sausages every day.

False – we actually eat 5 million sausages a day

2. Bath chaps and Lincolnshire chine are local delicacies made from the meat of which animal?

Pig (cheeks and necks)

3. In which Yorkshire seaside town does Count Dracula disembark a ship in the shape of a wolf?


4. Which fictitious village is policed by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost in Hot Fuzz?


5. Who was the last English king to die in combat?

Richard III

6. In the second half of the 20th century, which mode of transport did Christopher Cockerell invent?


7. What is the name of the Suffolk-born painter whose best-known works sometimes feature Flatford Mill, which was owned by his father?

John Constable

8. What is traditionally rolled down Cooper’s Hill in Gloucestershire, and then chased after by local men?

Wheels of cheese

9. Name the British composer who composed this piece of music.

Edward Elgar (Pomp & Circumstance No. 1 – Land of Hope and Glory)

10. Brits are known for their…unique sense of humour. On that note, name any actor who has appeared in 15 or more Carry On films. One point for each correct answer.

1. Kenneth Williams (25) 2. Joan Sims (24) 3. Charles Hawtrey (23) 4. Sid James 5. Kenneth Connor (17) 6. Peter Butterworth
Hattie Jaques (14), Bernard Bresslaw (14), Jim Dale (11), Barbara Windsor (10), Patsy Rowlands (9, Jack Douglas (8), Terry Scott (7), Leslie Phillips (4)


BONUS – How many square miles does the United Kingdom cover in total?


Great Britain