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1. Which computer company is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak this year?


2. The first commercial flight of which aircraft took off during January of this year, with simultaneous flights from London to Bahrain and Paris to Rio de Janeiro?


3. Landing Vehicles from the US Spacecrafts Viking I and Viking II set down safely on which heavenly body?


4. Matushita introduce which device for home entertainment, cutting edge at the time but now totally obsolete charity shop fodder?

VHS home video cassette recorder

5. Dancing Queen – ABBA
6. Fernando – ABBA
7. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Elton John & Kiki Dee
8. Mississippi – Pussycat
9. Save Your Kisses For Me – Brotherhood Of Man

10. The Golden Year is: 1976

BONUS – The film Rocky was released this year, but what is the runtime of Rocky?
2 hours, 2 minutes

Golden Year - 14/11/17

We use Spotify playlists for our music questions, so all the tracks can be found on there.

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