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General Knowledge 9

1. Tandoori Chicken is a popular dish by Indian cuisine lovers. What is a ‘tandoor’?

2. What is the capital city of Romania? Is it Budapest, Bucharest, or Bukovina?

3. Is a Zebra’s skin black, or white?

4. What 8 letter word is the name of both a bird, and a type of pasta?

5. Where is the highest point in England?

6. At which racecourse is the Grand National held?

7. NATO – stands for what?

8. Famous for coming from Stoke, what’s the name of the captain of the Titanic?

9. Who was the first European to set foot in (what is now known as) Australia?

10. Rosa Parks is famous for pioneering the Civil Rights Movement in 1954 by refusing to give up her seat on the bus. However, another woman refused to do the same, nine months earlier in what is thought to actually be the first time it ever occurred. What was her name?


In what year was the grand national first run?


1) Oven

2) Bucharest

3) Their skin is black. They have both black and white fur on top.

4) Macaroni

5) Scafell Pike  (Ben Nevis is in Scotland, Snowdon is in Scotland)

6) Aintree

7) North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

8) Edward John Smith

9) Willem Janszoon (in 1606). James Cook did not reach Australia until 1770.

10) Claudette Colvin

Bonus) 1839