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General Knowledge 8

1. The City of Newcastle sits on which river?

2. Antwerp is the second largest city in which country?

3. In the Christian Calendar, what is celebrated on 1st November?

4. A nonagon has how many sides?

5. How many stars are on the Chinese flag?

6. How many points are on the Star of David?

7. Who succeeded David Tennant as Doctor Who?

8. The atomic symbol ‘S’ stands for what?

9. Whom did Margaret Thatcher succeed as Prime Minister of the UK?

10. What are the Golden Raspberry Awards more commonly known as?


How many elements are on the periodic table?


1) The Tyne

2) Belgium

3) All Saints Day

4) 9

5) 5

6) 6

7) Matt Smith

8) Sulphur

9) James Callaghan

10) The Razzies

Bonus) 118