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General Knowledge 6

1. What is the capital of Turkey

2. What is the official language of Brazil?

3. What band featured Sting, Stewart Copeland, and Andy Summers?

4. What does a herpetologist study?

5. In the United States, how many nickels would you get for a dime?

6. What is measured by Truss?

7. When milk turns sour, what acid is formed?

8. What is the least frequent letter in the English language? (according to the Oxford Dictionary)

9. In 1908, Kenneth Graham, a Bank of England clerk, wrote a book which has become a children’s classic. What was it called?

10. What was the nickname of German aviator Manfred Von Richthofen?


On average, how many pints of milk can a cow produce per day?



1) Ankara

2) Portugese

3) The Police

4) Reptiles and Amphibians

5) Two

6) Hay / Straw

7) Lactic Acid

8) Q

9) Wind in the Willows

10) The red Baron

Bonus) 37 pints per day