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General Knowledge 5

1. Which shop was open first? Was it Harrods or Hamleys? 5 points extra if you can get the founding year spot on….

2. The country of Liberia is on which continent?

3. Samuel L. Jackson is a fan favourite in a whole host of films… but what does the ‘L’ stand for in his name?

4. Which of London’s theatres is the oldest to still be operating on its original site, despite being rebuilt 4 times?

5. Which planet was the name of a hit Bananarama song in the 1980’s?


6. Sean Connery played 007 in 7 films starting with Dr. No. in 1962 and ending with ‘Never Say Never Again’ in 1983. During this time, 3 other people served as 007. Who were they? – Point for each HOWEVER!! Get one wrong and you’ll score zero.


7. What’s the second-smallest and only state in America to begin with the letter ‘D’?

8. Maybe She’s Born with it…. May it’s……

9. Which country has the largest active military (According to the 2017 International Institute for Strategic Studies)?

10. Who’s the top goalscorer in premier league history?


How many questions has the top premier league goal scorer scored?


1) Hamleys (1760) – Harrods (1834)

2) Africa

3) Leroy

4) Theatre Royal, Drury Lane

5) Venus

6) David Niven (Casino Royale), George Lazenby (On her Majesty’s Secret Service), Roger Moore (Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy).

7) Delaware

8) Maybelline

9) China (2.2m) – India 1.4m – US 1.3m

10) Alan Shearer

Bonus? 260