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General Knowledge 11

1. Who’s the 2018 leader of the liberal democrats?


2. A bezoar, can be found where? (Clue: Whilst this is a true fact, if you love your

Harry Potter, you’ll also know the answer

3. Which watch maker, has a crown for its logo?

4. If you are from Yorkshire, you’re considered a Yorkshireman (or woman!). If you’re from Devon, what are you known as?

5. In it’s annual rich list, who replaced Bill Gates as the richest man in the World in 2018?

6. The M69 – links which two cities of the Midlands?

7. Fun Fact! Only one company has ever been allowed to advertise on the side of the Eiffel Tower. What was that company? (Clue: it’s an automotive company)

8. In which decade did Elizabeth II become Queen?

9. How many different colours are there in the google logo?

10. There are 48 CEREMONIAL (not historical) counties in England – six of which, begin with the letter ‘W’. We’ll give you half a point for each, but 2 BONUS POINTS for all of them:



According to internetlivestatistics.com, how many tweets will be sent today?


1) Vince Cable

2) In the stomach of animals (most commonly goats and sheep)

3) Rolex

4) A Devonian

5) Jeff Bezos

6) Coventry and Leicester (Point for each)

7) Citroen

8) 1950’s (1952)

9) 4

10) Warwickshire, West Midlands, West Sussex, West Yorkshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire

Bonus) 500 million