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Current Affairs - 13/3/18

1. Mount Shinmoedake, an active volcano on Kyushu island, Japan, has begun erupting, but which 1967 film was the mountain used to depict the exterior of a criminal organisation’s lair?


James Bond – You Only Live Twice


2. Who is set to host special 20th anniversary episodes of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? later this year?


Jeremy Clarkson


3.Amazon had to issue an update for its Alexas this week after they began spontaneously doing what?




4. Sister Catherine Rose Holzman was a nun who died on Saturday aged 89, but with which singer was she involved in a legal battle over a property dispute?


Katy Perry


5. Here is the theme tune to a cult TV show from the 90s. Sunday marked the 21st anniversary of this show, can you tell me what that show is called?


Buffy the Vampire Slayer


6. Which unlikely location is getting high-speed 4G connectivity as part of a private mission next year?


The Moon


7. Following his dad’s dog, which comedy legend and knight of the realm died at the age of 90 on Monday?


Ken Dodd


8. A gold statue of which newsworthy figure, entitled ‘Casting Couch’ was revealed outside the venue for this year’s Oscars?


Harvey Weinstein


9. Which country this week removed its term limits for its presidents, meaning its current president could rule for the rest of his life?


China – Xi Jinping


10. You may remember Paul the Psychic octopus, who correctly predicted wins of the 2010 World Cup, but do you know what animal, named Achilles, Russia are using as their equivalent?


Cat – deaf and white


BONUS – Roger Bannister, the real-life inspiration for Chariots of Fire, died last week, but what was his record breaking time for running one mile?


3 minutes 59.4 seconds