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1. Workers from which distribution company went on strike in Germany and Italy

for Black Friday last week?


2. Which ex-presenter of Blue Peter and Wheel of Fortune has been charged with sexual assault last week?

John Leslie

3. A new character is scheduled to join the Mr Men and Little Miss franchise next March. What is this new character’s name?

Little Miss Inventor

4. Oxford Circus tube station was subject to panic last week after reports of gun shots, but on which lines of the London underground would you find Oxford


Central Line, Bakerloo Line, and Victoria Line

5. Six Czech tourists were arrested in Kazakhstan for wearing nothing but mankinis. Who has offered to pay their fines?

Sacha Baron Cohen

6. Graduate Faiz Saddiqui is suing which university for £1million in damages because of “inadequate” teaching?


7. Which star of Absolutely Fabulous and the Carry On films received her knighthood from the Queen last week?

June Whitfield

8. Robert Mugabe finally resigned as President of which country last week?


9. A 63-year old woman in California lost control of her car last week, rolled off the fast lane of Highway 126, into a tree, and was rescued by which movie star?

Harrison Ford

10. Prince William and Kate Middleton are known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. What will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be known as after their wedding next spring?

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

BONUS - The Czech tourists were fined 22,500 tenge each. How much is that in pounds sterling?

Current Affairs - 28/11/17