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Current Affairs - 3/4/18

1. At the age of 81, which prominent South African politician and anti-apartheid campaigner died yesterday?


Winnie Mandela


2. After nearly nine years of marriage, Jenna Dewan and which actor have mutually decided to separate?

Channing Tatum


3. Critics described it as “desperate” and “a shameless carbon copy” of the original, but which show was revived on BBC One on Sunday night and was hosted by Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc?


Generation Game


4. Gareth Ellis-Unwin, producer of The King’s Speech, was in a mad panic after getting off a train at Didcot Parkway only to realise he had left what on the train?


A briefcase containing his Best Picture Oscar


5. Which app has defended itself against charges of inappropriate sharing of user data, which included users HIV status?




6. A Spanish motorway had to be closed yesterday after a lorry crash, but what was that lorry carrying that prompted the road closure?


Elephants – circus lorry; five escaped in total, three injured, one died


7. The 2018 safest (and least safe) airlines have been revealed. Which airline, for the fifth year running, has been ranked the safest?




8. Millions of students in India have to retake mathematics and economics exams after the papers were leaked through which messaging app?




9. Steven Spielberg made his directorial return last week with which pop-culture nostalgia trip of a movie?


Ready Player One


10. The six nominees for the ‘Must-see Moments’ category of this year’s BAFTAs were announced last night. Name any two of these must-see TV moments; a point for each.

  1. Ariana Grande’s performance of ‘One Last Time’ at One Love Manchester

  2. Unveiling of Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who

  3. Mother pilot whale grieving for baby in Blue Planet II

  4. Stormzy surprise appearance on Love Island

  5. The death of Viserion the dragon in Game of Thrones

  6. The Line of Duty cliffhanger when Thandie Newton wakes up just before she’s about to be cut up with a chainsaw


BONUS - How many airlines were included in the 2018 safe list survey?