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Current Affairs - 24/10/17

1. Kate Middleton danced with which fictional bear at a charity event this week?


2. Which Strictly Come Dancing judge was absent from the weekend’s live shows for the first time in 13 years due to “a very busy work schedule”?

Bruno Tonioli

3. Scotland is to start exporting haggis to which country for the first time in 46 years after a ban offal imports from Europe?


4. Police at the historic Hull fair, one of Europe’s largest travelling funfairs, courted controversy this week. What did they do?

Rode the dodgems – light-hearted public engagement

5. Supersized what will be banned from hospital shops in England, in a bid to promote healthier eating among patients and staff?

Chocolate bars – banished from shops, canteens, and vending machines

6. New proposals for UK parliamentary seats at the next general election were published recently. MPs currently represent 650 seats. If plans go ahead, what will the new number of seats be? A) 625 B) 600 C) 575

7. After Hurricane Ophelia last week, what is the name of the Atlantic storm that hit parts of the UK and Ireland over the weekend?


8. Scientists have discovered naturally occurring electricity on the moon of Phobos this week. Around which planet does Phobos orbit?


9. Who’s PhD thesis was released at one minute past midnight yesterday morning, and almost immediately crashed the Cambridge University website?

Stephen Hawking

10. A Canadian man has been fined C$149 after being caught signing in his car (apparently “screaming in a public place” is a punishable offense). Which 90s tune was he singing?

‘Everybody Dance Now’ – C+C Music Factory

BONUS: The round £1 coin has now been officially withdrawn from UK currency, but how many are still estimated to be in the public’s hands?

450 million