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Current Affairs - 20/3/18

1. Which jewellery and accessory chain has this week filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection?




2. Physicist Stephen Hawking passed away last week, but what this title of his 1988 book on cosmology and the fate of the universe?


A Brief History of Time


3. The first baby what was born in the UK for the first time in 25 years last week?


Polar Bear


4. Which pundit and commentator for Sky Sports, and former Liverpool defender, has been suspended amid a scandal being referred to as ‘spitgate’?


Jamie Carragher


5. In a recent study, Finland was found to be the happiest country to live in, but what was found to be the least happy?




6. The BBC has dismissed complaints that Newsnight altered a photo of which politician to make him look more Russian?


Jeremy Corbyn


7. A driver in Milton Keynes was stopped by police last week, and presented them with a driving licence depicting which fictional character?


Homer Simpson


8. Entertainer Jim Bowen passed away last week, but which popular quiz show did he host on Sunday afternoons from 1981 to 1995?




9. Starring Alicia Vikander, a movie reboot of which action hero game star opened in theatres this week?


Lara Croft


10. Which entertainer was arrested yesterday for drink driving?


Ant McPartlin


BONUS – As the government looks at removing 1 and 2p pieces from UK currency, in which year was the halfpenny removed from circulation?