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Current Affairs - 20/2/18

1. What is the name of the 29-year-old athlete who became the first Briton to win successive gold medals at the Winter Olympics?


Lizzy Yarnold


2. The latest Marvel feature film was released last week, and a select nation are particularly excited by the portrayal of which country as independent?




3. Staying with that latest Marvel film, what was its title?


Black Panther


4. Henry Bolton is to be sacked as the leader of which British political party?




5. In an agreement between the UK government and the Church of England, church spires are to be used to boost what in rural areas?


Mobile and broadband coverage


6. A minor earthquake affected parts of England and Wales last week. Where was that earthquake’s epicentre?


(North-north-east of) Swansea


7. Chinese New Year was celebrated last weekend – what is 2018 the year of?




8. Which actor has donated £1 million to the newly founded ‘Justice and Equality Fund’?


Emma Watson


9. Stars at the 2018 BAFTAs, that took place on Sunday night, wore black to support which campaign?


Times Up


10. Sticking with the BAFTAs, can you name the two actors who took home the Best Actor and Actress awards, and who hosted the awards?


Gary Oldman, Frances McDormand, Joanna Lumley


BONUS – Joanna Lumley hosted this years BAFTAs for the first time. She succeeded Stephen Fry, who has hosted the awards how many times?