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Current Affairs - 16/1/18

1. A bronze statue depicting which two figures is to be removed from the London department store, Harrods?

Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed

2. The first what to be born in France made its public debut last week?

Giant Panda

3. Which British comedy actor, famed for her portrayals of Blunder Woman on the Russ Abbot Show in the 1980s, died last week?

Bella Emberg

4. Four amateur rowers from Britain have broken the record for what last week, beating the previous record by six days?

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean

5. A member of which 90s pop group has put their Brit Award up for sale on eBay, being described as being in “very good” condition with some “signs of age”?

S Club 7 (Paul)

6. Which Radio 4 presenter has been defending his off-air comments regarding the BBC’s gender pay gap this week?

John Humphrys

7. Which MEP has had their salary docked by £35,000 after claims that he misspent EU funds?

Nigel Farage

8. Donald Trump has cancelled a planned visit to the UK in February, during which he was to open what in London, saying that he was not a “big fan” of it?

New US embassy

9. Minnie Winnie is a very special Dachshund from Newmarket, who is expecting puppies in February. What is so special about her?

She’s a clone

10. The 75th Golden Globe Awards were held last week. Name any one of the four actors who won a Best Performance in a Motion Picture award (not supporting roles).

Gary Oldman, Frances McDormand, James Franco, Saoirse Ronan

BONUS – In British sterling, how much did the Brit Award from question five sell for on eBay?