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1. Which Olympic hero received a knighthood from the Queen at Buckingham Palace today?

Mo Farah

2. The Conservative party in Kensington have caused offense by asking residents to rate what?

Grenfell Tower tragedy

3. The ZSL (Zoological Society of London) have found two species of what living in the River Thames?


4. Which legendary guitarist is angry after his Instagram account was suspended last week, when he posted a copyrighted photo of himself?

Brian May

5. Which team last night failed to reach the world cup finals for the first time since 1958?


6. Researchers at Cambridge University have trained sheep to do what?

Recognise human faces

7. Yesterday, the Church of England said that primary school boys should be allowed to wear what items of clothing if they so wish?

Tutus and high heels

8. Who has returned their freedom of the city award to Dublin in light of humanitarian atrocities in Myanmar?

Bob Geldoff

9. Disneyland in California has closed two cooling towers after 9 people who visited the theme park came down with which disease?


10. Who was forced to resign from government last week as a result of secret meetings being held with Israeli officials?

Pritti Patel

BONUS: Disneyland in California opened in which year?


Current Affairs - 14/11/17