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Current Affairs - 10/4/18

1. The Commonwealth Games are underway at the moment. Where are they being held?


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


2. Sticking with the Commonwealth Games, there was an error in the opening ceremony programme. Which continent did it say Great Britain were from?




3. The daughter of Russian double-agent, Sergei Skripal, was released from hospital this morning, what is her name?


Julia Skripal

4. Declan Donnelly hosted the season finale of Saturday Night Takeaway without Ant this week – but which two presenters assisted him?


Scarlett Mofatt and Stephen Mulhern


5. Waitrose has announced plans to ban what in an attempt to down on its plastic waste?


Plastic coffee cups


6. Today is the anniversary of the Good Friday (or Belfast) Agreement. How many years has it been since its inception?


20 years


7. It was announced this week that a scientific expedition to the Antarctic is to be launched next year. Amongst other things, who’s famous 1915 shipwreck is to be searched for?


Ernest Shackleton


8. Patrick Reed won the Golf Masters tournament this week. What nationality is he?




9. Who did Boris Johnson describe as “the Kremlin’s useful idiot” this week?


Jeremy Corbyn


10. A man has been hospitalised after eating the world’s hottest chilli. This chilli called a what Reaper? (Named after a US state)




BONUS – On the schoville scale, how hot is the chilli from that final question?