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General Knowledge 22

1. The town of Sorrento is in which European country?

2. What is the name for a noisy ghost or spirit?

3. Who succeeded Alec Douglas Home as Prime Minister of the UK in 1970?

4. What can be Tulip, Balloon, of Flute?

5. What element appears first in the Periodic Table?

6. In which modern day country would you find the region of Transylvania?

7. Who is known as the muscles from Brussels?

8. What day is celebrated on 23rd April each year?

9. The Song ‘When you Wish Upon a Star’ was first heard in which Disney movie?

10. John F Kennedy was assassinated in which year?


JFK was how old when assassinated?


1) Italy

2) Poltergeist

3) Edward Heath

4) Wine glasses

5) Hydrogen

6) Romania

7) Jean Claude Van Damme

8) St George’s Day

9) Pinocchio

10) 1963

Bonus) 46