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General Knowledge 20

1. At which battle was Richard III killed?

2. Avian relates to what type of creatures?

3. Beaumaris, Conway and Harlech are famous for what type of building?

4. Boob Day is the Spanish equivalent of what in Britain?

5. Bouillabaisse is what kind of fish dish?

6. By what name was the outlaw Harry Longbaugh better known?

7. By what other name do we know the Somers Islands?

8. Called thumbtack in America, what's the name of this in the UK?

9. Coal is composed of which element?

 Bonus Question:

What year was the Battle of Bosworth fought?


1) Battle of Bosworth

2) Birds

3) Castles

4) April Fool’s Day

5) Soup

6) The Sundance Kid

7) Bermuda

8) A drawing Pin

9) Carbon

Bonus: 1485