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General Knowledge 19

1. Is Holland a region within the Netherlands, or is the Netherlands a region within Holland?

2. How many mainland states are there in the US? i.e. how many are connected to each other

3. Which city’s airport is named after George Best?

4. What 3 colours make up the Russian flag, from top to bottom?

5. Which Yorkshire based football club play their games at Elland Road?

6. Who is the largest employer in England?

7. Traumatophobia is a fear of what?

8. Which car manufacturer’s logo is based on the legendary Griffin?

9. Bibendum is the name of which company’s mascot?

10. What’s the currency of Hungary?


How many employees are employed by the company in question 6?


1) Holland is a region of the Netherlands

2) 48 (Hawaii and Alaska)

3) Belfast

4) White, Blue, Red

5) Leeds Utd

6) The National Health Service

7) Injury

8) Vauxhall

9) Michelin

10) The Hungarian Forint

Bonus) 1,198,238 (Up to December 2017)