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General Knowledge 17

1. What is the largest state in America (By Size)? (Pupils aged 10)

2. Which of the following was not an Anglo-Saxon Kingdom? (A) Mercia (B) Northumbria (C) Cornwall (D) Wessex (Pupils aged 9)

3. Ankara is the capital of which country? (Pupils aged 8)

4. What did George Stephenson invent for miners? (A) Lift (B) Safety Helmets (C) Pneumatic Drill (D) Miners’ Lamp (Pupils aged 10)

5. Who was born most recently? (A) Florence Nightingale (B) Pocahontas (C) Henry VIII (D) Samuel Pepys (Pupils Aged 7)

6. What protects the human spine? (A) Skull (B) Ribcage (C) Backbone (D) Shoulder Blades (Pupils aged 9)

7. What does a pink triangle signify on a map? (A) Viewpoint (B) Town Hall (C) Picnic Site (D) Youth Hostel (Pupils aged 9)

8. Messier 31 is the nearest what to the Earth? (A) Star (B) Planet (C) Galaxy (D) Black Hole (Pupils aged 10)

9. In which continent are the Atlas Mountains? (Pupils aged 9)

10. What takes blood back to the heart? (A) Taxis (B) Veins (C) Arteries (D) Ventricles


What’s the population of the largest state in America?


1) Alaska

2) Cornwall

3) Turkey

4) Miners’ Lamp

5) Florence Nightingale

6) Backbone

7) Youth Hostel

8) Galaxy

9) Africa

10) Veins

Bonus) 739,795