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General Knowledge 16

1. Which sign of the zodiac is represented by Scales?

2. What poisonous oily liquid occurs naturally in tobacco leaves?

3. Afrikaans was developed from which European language?

4. What Italian word for ‘Scratch Drawing’ can be found on walls all over the world?

5. What instrument has been nicknamed the Mississippi Saxophone?

6. Complete the name of this Scottish Football Club…. Partick……?

7. What was Tarzan’s main item of clothing?

8. Which ground is home to Warwickshire Cricket Club?

9. Which is Shakespeare’s plays came first? Was it Romeo and Juliet, or Hamlet?

10. According to the Beatles, who picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been?


In what year was Romeo and Juliet written?


1) Libra

2) Nicotine

3) Dutch

4) Graffiti

5) Harmonica

6) Thistle

7) A loincloth

8) Edgbaston

9) Romeo and Juliet (1597) Hamlet was in 1603

10) Eleanor Rigby

Bonus) 1597