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General Knowledge 12

1. Who’s won more F1 championships, Lewis Hamilton or Jackie Stewart?

2. What bird species is the largest ‘bird of prey’ to be found in the UK?

3. The necklace in the Titanic is nicknamed what?

4. Duran Duran formed in which UK city?

5. Only 4 teams have won 3 consecutive league titles in English Football. There is a point for each… HOWEVER, get one wrong and you lose all points….

6. In the nursery rhyme, ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’, in what coloured boat did they go to sea in?

7. Which famous ballroom dance feature the following characteristics…. ‘The Chasses’, ‘The quarter turn’ and ‘the lock step’?

8. Which famous UK weatherman has toured the country as part of play, ‘Hurricane Michael’?

9. What does the acronym DVLA stand for?

10. Is an olive a fruit or a vegetable?


Combined, how many F1 championships have Lewis Hamilton and Jackie Stewart won?


1) Lewis Hamilton

2) The Eagle

3) The heart of the ocean

4) Birmingham

5) Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United & Huddersfield Town

6) Pea-Green Boat

7) The Quickstep

8) Michael Fish

9) Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

10) Fruit

Bonus) 7