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Connection Round

1. What item is typically thrown as part of a sport associated with the word ‘Wanging’? (formal name)


2. The boxing bout between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier is commonly referred to as what?

The thriller in Manila

3. The chocolate company ‘Toblerone’ has the name of it’s founding place within it’s name. What is it? (Clue: Whilst it may skip letters, all the letters are in order!)


4. Bob Marley famously sung (and named a song after) which place in Jamaica?


5. How will Christmas dinner be different after Brexit?

No Brussels!

6. There are only two countries in Europe which sit actually within other countries, name them…

Vatican City and San Marino

7. Seal is a famous British singer, but what type of music does he typically sing?


8. What sovereign state sits on the French Riviera?


9. What was the location of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassination that sparked World War I?


10. Connection?

Capital Cities


Referring to question 5, what’s the world record for the longest Christmas cracker?


63.1 metres