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Connection Round

1. What household item features in the introduction to Pixar animated movies?

A lamp

2. What 1967 film featuring Dustin Hoffman features an individual struggling to choose between his older lover and her daughter?

The Graduate

3. What word describes a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced?


4. Which band have had hits including Hall of Fame, Superheroes, and For the First Time?

The Script

5. What word precedes ‘palm’ to describe an edible sweet fruit?


6. What’s the name of the former British Olympian swimmer who has also appeared on the TV show, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’?

Mark Foster

7. Moonpig and Funky Pigeon are well-known online retailers of what?


8. What word can be used to describe the length of time that a person has lived, and a distinct period of history?


9. ‘The Thinker’ depicts what?

A Man in a thoughtful pose

10. Connection?

The word lamp (Lamppost, Post-graduate, post-recession, postscript, postdate, postmark, postcard, postage, postman)


The company Pixar, was founded in which year?