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Connection Round

1. Ola, Ciao, and Namaste are all foreign words meaning what?


2. What American idiom used to signify a very easy task, refers to stealing confectionery from an infant?

Taking candy from a baby

3. In 2002, US Congress voted that Antonio Meucci was the actual inventor of which item, previously acclaimed to have been invented by a very famous individual?

The telephone

4. Running, Basting, Catch, and Slip are all examples of what?


5. What famous type of song ends with the lyrics “wee little fingers, eyes are shut tight, now sound asleep – until morning light”

A Rockabye

6. What’s the capital city of Cuba?


7. What word can be used to describe both a carpentry material and a type of warning?


8. Typically associated with American Football teams, Crystal Palace FC are famous for having what at their games?


9. The Burj Khalifa, Taipei 101 and the Petronas Tower are all typically referred to as what?


10. Connection

No. 1 singles since 2010


What is the population of Cuba? (as of 2016 census)