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Connection Round

1. ‘Kielder’ is the name of what English astronomical tourist attraction in Northumberland?


2. On New Year’s Eve, close to a million people congregate where in the US to celebrate the ‘Dropping of the Ball’?

Times Square

3. What 2014 hit film features Peter Quill and his escape from relentless bounty hunters?

Guardians of the Galaxy

4. What am I describing – “I am a rondure, only a fourth of which is considered noble. Befit of my grand stature, I’m named after a God”

The Sun (A Rondure is simply a sphere, the atmosphere of the sun is made up 75% of nitrogen and 25% Helium (a noble gas), circa. 1,000,000 earths could fit within it, and it’s named after the Roman God ‘Sol’).

5. The creation of Andrew Lloyd Webber, what musical follows the story of rival trains battling for supremacy?

Starlight Express

6. What’s the name of a factual written account of important or historical events in order of their occurrence?


7. What’s the nickname of Manchester City Football Club?

The Citizens

8. What’s the name given to an officer of arms, ranking between a pursuivant and a king of arms?


9. What chemical carries the symbol Hg?


10. Connection?



The planet Mercury, is how many miles away from Earth?

48 million miles