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Connection Round

1. What’s the largest mammal which is known to have lived?

Blue Whale

2. Which book in the Dan Brown series, preceeds the Da Vinci Code and is based on Robert Langdon’s adventures in Rome?

Angels and Demons

3. Griphook, in the Harry Potter series, is what type of creature?


4. Glass is made by heating what?


5. What is the longest man-made structure in the world?

Great Wall of China

6. What is the name of the item that is frequently downloaded onto your computer when you visit a website for the first time?

A Cookie

7. Which animal have sub-species including Indochinese, South China, Javan, Caspian, Malayan, and Bali?


8. Which word is commonly used to describe any rough tangled prickly shrub, or any hybrid of a similar appearance, with thorny stems?


9. What is the term for a shot of espresso in a coffee cup that is then filled up with drip filter coffee?


10. Connection?

Types of Shark

(Blue Shark, Angel Shark, Bull Shark, Goblin Shark, Sand Shark, Great White Shark, Cookiecutter Shark, Tiger Shark & Bramble Shark)



What is the average weight of an adult largest mammal in the world in kilograms?

140,000 kg