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Also Known As...

What are these people, places, and things also known as?

  1. Victoria Beckham                             Posh Spice

  2. Cote D’Ivoire                                     Ivory Coast

  3. Myanmar                                            Burma

  4. Smeagol                                              Gollum

  5. Reginald Kenneth Dwight               Elton John

  6. David Robert Jones                          David Bowie

  7. ‘The Garden of England’                 Kent

       Clue: It’s a county

   8. Stefani Joanne Angelina                 Lady Gaga


   9. Richard Starkey                                 Ringo Starr

 10. Faroukh Buisara                                Freddie Mercury


BONUS – As per the 2016 census, what is the population of Cote D’Ivoire?

                                23.7 million